Product Shoot

Product photography is everywhere we look and everywhere we go. Our photos can show you the real size, shape, colour and even how it is used. We have all the techniques like.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequins are used for Apparel Shoots without models.

Image Retouching

We edit every photograph which is sent to the client. To be specific, we correct for lighting/ exposure and color temperature, crop the image if necessary. When simple editing won’t do the trick, retouching begins like removing blemishes, brightening teeth, smoothing skin or even removing an unsightly wire.

Creative Shoot

Model Photography

Flying Star Production has their focused approach towards Model Shoot because we know how to communicate with all types of models, how to make their comfort level while shoot, comfortable environment, making a co-operative situation builds trust & engagement, lowers barriers, helps relax the model. Being aware of the environment and temperature, we make a comfort level with models. Small activity sessions during shoot is the best time. Flying Star Production always try to explain each and every pose with the product. We engage the emotions with them.

Someone who is happy and enjoying their modelling experience is far more likely to provide us with the best photos than someone cold, stiff, miserable and uncomfortable.

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360o VIDEO Shoot

360 degree videography is a technique where you use specialized equipment to capture the entire surrounding of a location instead of just one angle.

On-site Shoot

By the demand of various clients, we provide the service of location shoot as well, which a client can decide by their own.

Studio on Rent

We attract new clients with our quality and affordable prices for shoot. To make our name in the market, we have already given a lot of hard work and dedication, and now, we are a leading E-Commerce Shoot and Editing Service Providers.

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